Animal "Clipee" Admission Ticket Holder:
These are adorable admission ticket holders that your
Players will love to display in front of their bingo cards...
great for holding the 'hold-em' pull tab or winning pull tabs too!!
Simply squeeze their hands / paws together to separate
and insert paper to hold; let go and there you have it!
We'll print your information on the back of the vest,
which gives
your organization GREAT advertising,
especially when the Player takes it to another hall to play!
Choose from the following animals:
Elephant (shown), Bulldog, Pig, Polar Bear,
Kangaroo, Alligator, Monkey, Moose or Dog.
Vest Colors:
Blue, Forest Green, Red & White; we'll print your information
in white (or just about any color, if you choose the white vest)
for maximum advertising impact.
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