Soda Capz:

This is a handy item to use for soda!
Convenient size will easily fit in the purse, car or bingo bag.
Comes with keyring chain, cover for pop-top feature.
We can print a bingo card next to your information on
the top
or a variety of other logos (including yours).
Choose from a variety of colors, we'll print your information
in a contrasting color for maximum advertising impact.

Idea: For Valentine's Day, choose red and we'll add white
hearts around your information.

For Patriotic Holidays, choose blue and red,
and we'll print your information in white.

For St. Patrick's Day, choose green, and we'll add
a white shamrock around your information.

For Christmas, choose red and green,
and we'll add candy canes in white.

For anytime, order all assorted colors!
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