Magnetic Note Holder:

This is a great item for the refrigerator, as it will keep a pen and note
pad handy nearby!  The three compartments hold (2) pen or pencil
and either 100 sheet 2" x 3" self stick note pads
or 40 business cards.
Great daily advertising value as people open
their refrigerator everyday!
We can print a bingo card next to your information (shown above)
or a variety of other logos (including yours).
We'll print your information in a contrasting color
for maximum advertising impact.
NOTE:  Paper and pen not included.

IDEA!!   For Easter, we will add an adorable Easter Bunny
next to your information for a festive touch!

Value Added Option! Add a pad of 100 sheet yellow 2" x 3" self sticky
notes for an upgraded gift!  (additional cost for pad of paper)

Optional Slogan with Bingo card:
Compliments of:

Optional Slogan with Bunny:
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