Jumbo Money/Paper Clip:
We came up with a PROGRAM for your bingo to add excitement to your game.
For Managers who consistently follow it, they have great long-term success!
The key is consistency!

How it works:
Every time there is a bingo, your Volunteer delivers the money IN THE PAPERCLIP.
The winner now has a souvenir of their win and can proudly display it on their bingo bag
by clipping it on one of the bag pockets.  The players
collect the moneyclips in order to
REDEEM them with Management for free items
(ie: free dauber, pulltab, game and ultimately a free pack).

adds excitement to the game for your players, and you will find that the players
will pool clips together with their friends to get a free pack, and share together
in any winnings that may come from the pack.

Again, CONSISTENCY with this program cannot be stressed enough.

If followed, you will find that your players will enjoy this unique & fun
addition to your game for years to come!

NOTE: You will find that your Money clips last awhile as your customers will redeem
them for the freebies you have set up; this allows your organization to recycle many
of the clips. There is no set-up charge for exact repeat orders.

Optional Slogan:
I Was a Winner at:
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