License Plate Holder:

A very powerful way to promote your organization!
The frame goes around the existing license plate on the
back of the car, which get personalized with your information.
Great visibility, especially when sitting in traffic!

Optional Slogan: Follow Me To...

Program Idea:   "Lucky Car Promotion"
Give a license plate frame to everyone.  During a designated game
(Managers usually pick the slowest week of the month to do this,
to insure a better crowd then normal), have a Volunteer Worker
go out into the parking lot and
randomly pick 5 or so cars that
HAVE the frame on their car. The Volunteer writes down the license
plate number (and a short description of car maybe helpful as not
everyone knows their plate number). These go into a drawing for
1 LUCKY CAR WINNER.  Give the winner a free game or pack
(whatever you decide your budget will be for the program).
You can repeat this program for months
(on specified days you choose - pick slow days to increase crowd!)
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