Coin Purse with Twin Zippers:
These assorted colored coin purses are very functional as
there are two zippered compartments to keep items!
There is a zipper along the top (for main compartment) and
another along the front (great for credit cards, etc). Either will
keep your personal items and/or money secure and it has an
added keyring attachment that is very convenient to either
hook onto a bingo bag or add a key to.  
We'll print your information in metallic gold on the front.
We can also print a large bingo card next to your information
or a variety of other logos (including yours).

Optional Slogan with Bingo Card:
Compliments of:
We Appreciate Your Support!

Optional Slogans with flag:
Proud to be an American!
We Remember our Heroes!
United we Stand!

Optional Slogan with Hearts:
My Heart Belongs to...
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