Break The Bank Program:

A creative program to add fun to your game by challenging your customers to guess
the 2 digit code (you have desingated) to break the bank,
and when they do, they will win the money award listed inside!
How it works:
There are 4  different colored banks (shown above).
On a separate board for this game, list the codes for each bank
(not telling what code belongs to each bank).
At 1/2 time, randomly draw a player's name and invite them to play the game.
The player's task will be try to guess what code belongs to which bank.
If they succeed in
'breaking a bank', they will be awarded the cash value inside.
Once bank is broken, you then start from the beginning cash value
you designated for the game for that particlular bank.
NOTE:  When a player does not succeed, all the banks roll over to the next session.
Tip: Add $5.00 or so (depending on budget) each week at beginning of session to increase
each banks value, thus creating more excitement as each bank grows in cash value!

IDEA!  (As a variation, play this game on specified days you choose -
such as your slowest days to increase customer crowd!)
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